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Wednesday Schedule

Minneapolis, MN
February 7-10, 2024
125+ CE Hours
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
The Role of the Veterinary Professional in Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue (TLAER)
by Dr. Rebecca Gimenez Husted
Marquette VIII-2nd floor

The Minnesota Veterinary Reserve Corps and the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association are excited to bring world-renowned expert, Dr. Rebecca Gimenez Husted to Minnesota.

Large Animal Rescues run the gamut from a valuable client’s horse trapped in a muddy hole at 2 am (if you haven’t gotten that call yet, it is only a matter of time!) to assisting the local law enforcement and firefighters with their response to an overturned livestock trailer, horse trailer wreck, or loose horse hit by a car. It is about methods of PREVENTION of situations when educating clients, as well as how to respond in a SAFE manner for the practitioner, their staff, and working with the fire responders on scene as a team member.

This awareness level workshop will show you the proper way to respond and prepare for large animal emergencies. We will cover the practical considerations, behavioral understanding, specialty equipment, techniques, methodologies, and tactics behind the safe extrication of live large animals from entrapment situations including barn and wildland fires, trailer wrecks, ditches, mud, bog, ice, and confined space situations in local emergency and disaster areas. It includes discussing the principles behind using slings, webbing, and ropes for animal rescue. Finally, you will be introduced to the latest concepts, techniques, procedures, and equipment being used today.

Cost: $30/per person and includes lunch


CE Credits: 8 CE credits

1:30 - 4:30 pm
Verbal De-Escalation Techniques and Krav Maga Basics
by Dr. R. Kent Leckie
Marquette I & II-2nd floor

Verbal de-escalation is a very important part of practical self-defense and an art. It should be your first line of defense. Many times, you can talk our way out of a situation without resorting to physical action. The best fight is the one you avoided. Let us remember that the ability to talk and de-escalate a situation is a critical part of your training. The main goal of krav maga self-defense training is survival. Krav Maga is a simple, aggressive, easy-to-learn and easy-to-remember system of self-defense. Krav Maga training focuses on principles rather than techniques because no two attacks are ever the same.

What to wear/bring: Wear comfortable clothes since we will be doing movements as a part of the training. Consider dressing in layers as conference rooms can be chilly and we want our bodies warm for the movements. Also, bring a water bottle and a yoga mat or towel.

Cost: $20/per person


CE Credits: 3 CE credits